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Xenon Fever Defence

Xenon Fever Defence quickly measures skin temperature and detects potential fever and elevated skin-surface temperature. Advanced infrared thermal imaging cameras combined with AI detection technology measures skin temperature in less than one second with accuracy up to ±0.3°C. With a user friendly interface featuring an LCD display and simple red and green light stop-go system, Xenon Fever Defence provides an effective temperature screening solution.

How Xenon Fever Defence Works

Simple Effective Temperature Screening

Fast & Accurate

Fever Detection & Alarm

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Q: Where should Xenon Fever Defence be installed and is there any special installation requirements?

Xenon Fever Defence camera units should be installed in a windless indoor environment at building entrances or risk areas requiring protection. Fever Defence units are simple to install only requiring an electrical socket outlet near the measurement zone.

Q: How fast does Xenon Fever Defence measure temperature?

Skin temperature measurements are taken in 1 second. Automatic voice instructions and user display camera directs users into the detection area between 0.5 - 1.5 metres in front of Fever Defence units.

Q: How accurate is Xenon Fever Defence?

 The thermal imaging camera on Xenon Fever Defence is calibrated to ±0.3°C when leaving the factory to help ensure accurate detection of elevated skin-surface temperature. It is also recommended that temperatures are double-checked with a thermometer if potential fever is detected.